Placement & Training

Placement & Training Department
VVP has an excellent and fully functional Placement & Training Department. The placement department maintains a database of all the registered students with all relevant details and information of companies visiting the campus. A large number of companies visit the campus every year and recruit eligible studentsfrom the campus.
The number of students placed through campus recruitment activity is increasing every year.

Mrs. Vanitha .G. Naik.  B.E.
Placement and training Officer
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Online Test

Note :

  • Test duration is 30 minutes
  • Students shall attempt tests on Communication Skills, Sales or any of their core discipline.
  • The test will assess their skills like Aptitude, Communication Skills, Engineering or Management through online tests in sets of 10 questions only. The more they score in these tests, better are their chances of being contacted by Recruiters.
  • Colleges gets access to Admin panel and other premium services at "No Cost".

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