Carefully selected competent staff constitutes the faculty. Special orientation is provided to them periodically for updating their knowledge and for imbibing the latest technological changes. The faculty and student ratio is maintained at a level of 1:20 as prescribed by AICTE. Trained Technicians assist the students in the Laboratories & Workshops.

Teaching & Technical Staff

Mechanical Engineering Department 
Mr. Pushpadatta B, M. Tech. Head of the Dept.
Mr. Lakshman Datta S N, B.E. Lecturer
Mr. Hari Prasad M R, D.M.E., B.E. Lecturer
Mr. Shivakumar T, B.E. Lecturer
Mr. Gajanan Aradya C. B.E Lecturer
Mr. Chethan .S, B.E. Lecturer
Mr. Sandesh .S , B.E. Lecturer
Mr. Sammed P , B.E. Lecturer
Mr. Sagar B.E. Lecturer
Mr. Lohith M.N. B.E. Lecturer
Mr. Karthik N. B.E. Lecturer
Mr. E. S. Muralidhar, D.M.E. Instructor
Mr. Thippeswamy M , D.M.E.     Instructor
Mr. Shashi Kumar B T, I.T.I. Assistant Instructor
Mr. J. Shivalinga, I.T.I Assistant Instructor


Electronics & Communication Engg. Department
Mr. Nanjundegowda K M, B.E. Head of the Dept.
Mr. Yogananda T, B.E  Lecturer
Mr. Rakesh Babu D C, B.E.  Lecturer
Mrs. Roopa S, B.E.  Lecturer
Mr. Yogeesh T R, B.E.  Lecturer
Mr. Naveen Kumar R  B.E  Lecturer
Mr. Rohith .R , BE  Lecturer
Mr. Sudarshan A.S, BE  Lecturer
Ms.Anupama .N, BE  Lecturer
Mrs. Prathima H M, D.E.C  Instructor
Mr. Ningegowda, D.E.C  Instructor
Ms. Deepa K C, D.E.C  Lab Instructor
Mrs. Aarathi, J.O.C. Assistant Instructor


Computer Science & Engineering Department
Mr. Shreedhara P J, B.E.  Head of the Dept
Mrs. Sangeetha B.E.  Lecturer
Mrs. Vanitha BE  Lecturer
Ms. Shilpa D.N,  B.E. Lecturer
Ms. Anupama .Y. B.E Lecturer
Ms. Dhakshayini, D.C.E. Instructor
Mr. Aravind B P.   D.C.E. System Analyst


Civil Engineering Department
 Mrs. Nazia Tabassum , B.E   Head of the Dept.
 Mr. Md. Kashif, B.E.   Lecturer
 Mrs. Asha M.N , B.E.   Lecturer
Ms. Surabhi .S,  B.E.   Lecturer
Ms. Sangeetha  M.K  , B.E.   Lecturer
Mr. Lingegowda Y N , B.E. Lecturer
Mr. Prajwal Gowda A P, B.E.   Lecturer
Ms. Suman B,   B.E.   Lecturer


Science Department
Mr. Ramegowda, M.sc Head of the Dept.
Mrs. Amrutha Varshini M.Sc Lecturer


Mathematics Department
 Mr. Mahesh Kumar, M.Sc.   Lecturer
Mr. Virupaksha M.S. M.Sc. Lecturer


English Department
 Mr .Chennaiah T H, M.A.  Lecturer


Office Staff
Mrs.Sheela  Office Superintendent
Mr.Johnson   FDC
Mr. Anil Kumar N.C  SDC
Mrs. Tulsi   Clerk
Mrs. Pavithra   Group –D Employee
 Mr. Subramanya   Group –D Employee
Mrs. Veena M   Group –D Employee
 Mrs. M. Lakshmi   Group –D Employee


Mrs. Sheela M S, M.Lib   Librarian
Mr. R.Ravichandra   Asst. Librarian