Computer Science and Engineering

The Department of computer science and engineering was established in 2005. The department is pioneering academic center for higher studies and innovations in key areas of computer science. This has been made possible due to motivated qualified and experienced faculty which is influenced in imparting the right blend of theoretical and practical knowledge to the students with creative and innovative methods in teaching. The Department ensures to provide computing graduates who are passionate at problem solving, who are productive and flexible at work, and who contribute to new developments in computing.


The department will contribute qualified professionals in computer science and engineering for working in global environment.


  • To mentoring students to acquire good programming skills through competent staff and good infrastructure.
  • To imbibe skills related to social and cultural sensitivity, ethics and leadership.
  • Exposure to emerging technologies through industry link to promote continuous learning.


PEO 1.
Enhance Technical and Entrepreneurial skills for successful performance.

PEO 2.
Work proficiently in multidisciplinary environment through effective communication.

PEO 3.
Comply with Technological advancement by engaging in life-long learning.


A Diploma (Computer science & Engineering graduate) student is able to

PO 1. Basic Knowledge:
Apply the knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering principles to solve broadly defined in computer science and engineering problems.

PO 2. Discipline Knowledge:
Identify, formulate, and solve broadly in computer science and engineering  problems by applying basic principles.

PO 3. Experiments and practice:
Plan, perform and practice wide-range of computer science and engineering problems and to use the results to solve problems.

PO 4. Engineering tools:
Ability to identify and select modern tools such as simulators, synthesizers, emulators, virtual labs etc. to analyze and validate the solutions.

PO 5. The engineer and society:
Demonstrate the knowledge by practice in computer science and engineering with due concern to society with respect to health, safety, legal and cultural issues.

PO 6. Environment and sustainability:
Develop standards, specifications, cost effective products and operations in accordance with the law/standards and with a greater emphasis on environmental issues and sustainability.

PO 7. Ethics:
Inculcate and practice ethical responsibilities and norms of engineering practice.

PO 8. Individual and team work:
Involve in teams to apply and proliferate the skills acquired among the team members to achieve the goals. Ability to lead project team by incorporating appropriate economic and business models for the success of the project tasks.

PO 9. Communications:
ability to communicate effectively with written, oral, and visual means in a technical environment.

PO 10. Life-long learning:
Inspire self-improvement through continuous updating and stay afloat in the ever changing world of technology.


PSO 1.
Apply algorithmic principles and computer science theory to perform analysis in the modeling and design of computer, computer networks and computer-based systems using appropriate tools and techniques.

PSO 2.
Demonstrate proficiency in design development and testing software application to comply with system specifications.

Infrastructure Of Dept:

The Department is filled with well-equipped computer lab setup which includes current required academic technologies software and classrooms with digital requirements.

Sl No Name of the Laboratory Software used
1 Basic Computer Skills Lab/Multimedia Lab/Web Design lab Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Macromedia, Blue Fish
2 DataStructure Lab /DBMS Lab/Programming C lab Turbo C/C++, Oracle
3 OOP with Java Lab/Linux Lab Network Administrator Lab
NetBeans IDE, Fedora
Equipments used:crimping tool,RJ45,,SMPS,CMOS,CPU,OS CD’s
4 Design and analysis of algorithms lab/Web programming Lab Turbo C/C++ XAMP
5 Software Testing/Network Security Lab Eclipse, Testing tools, Selenium Nmap, Virtual Box, Kfsensor, Cryptool